domenica 23 luglio 2017

Screaming Dead Balloons a Oblizza. Mercoledì 26/07/2017.

Il più importante appuntamento musicale dell'anno
per il Circolo Potok di Oblizza (Stregna) 
con i Screaming Dead Balloons in Tour Europeo
che fanno sosta tra le date in Germania 
e il prossimo appuntamento di Bologna.
Una piccola pausa in Friuli per regalarci 
un concerto nella piccola Oblizza di questo gruppo Greco.

Add in the mix a small shot of Kraut Rock, blend it with a few psychedelic riffs and throw it into the deep sea of Rock'n'Roll...What you end up with, is Screaming Dead Balloons, an 'out of the box' act performing free style music with no boundaries. Νoise psychedelic trio, all the way from Larissa, Greece. The 'loons have already in their CV two LP's (12"LP <Screaming Dead Balloons> (2014) and 10"EP <Banana Blue> (2015)) plus a split 7" single and they have made their mark in the Greek Underground scene, as they are now ready for a third, even more promising, attempt...Their live performances are distinguished by shear energy, creating a sound wall of dynamic guitars and captivating drum'n'bass!

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